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A Payroll service is a service that will, for a fee, handle all of payroll related functions independently, freeing up the business owner's time for more important matters. Once an account is established, the employer simply provides the payroll service with a list of all employees, the hours they worked, and any variances. This data is then processed and the funds are transferred from the employer's bank to the payroll service's account. Employees are paid either by standard check or direct deposit. The employer is then provided with payroll and tax reports.

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Most of the payroll firms focus on basic gross-to-net calculation and pay slip printing, but we provide the most flexible and fully managed services available. We utilize dedicated teams to deliver our clients’ payroll in the timescales that match the business needs. Processing may include calculating payroll from attendance or commission plans. We can deliver pay slips online or via email and prepare the Bank upload file for making payments to employees.

Generally, we provide standard and bespoke payroll reports in any format for all appropriate parties, giving clients the opportunity to validate data at any step to ensure complete accuracy. We can even create the payroll journal entries to make life simpler for client's finance team. We also take care of clients’ statutory compliances for TDS, PF, PT, ESIC and Labour Welfare Funds.

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