JB Consultants is one of the best service providers in the area of Recruitment Consulting & Consulting in various other domains. We work across India. Our focus is to be multi-functional and reach across all industries. We are catering to IT, Engineering, Pharmacy, life sciences, Telecom, Media & Entertainment etc. Please kindly click on the below bars to see our services in detail.
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Recruitment / Placement

Our recruitment team works hard to give you deeply specialized, full-service recruiting solutions. Our specialists build strong connections and make the difference in attracting and placing top talent on a consistent, professional and timely basis. We are serving many organizations each day by providing the top talent they need to succeed in today’s competitive market. We employ many candidates in challenging job positions.

High-level experience and a passion for quality mean a proactive understanding of your requirements. Whether you’re a job seeker or employer, we believe in complete service from one source, and it’s our goal to make you stronger and better than you were before.

Benefits of our recruitment services –

1. One place for all kind of employment needs.

2. Rapid recruitment. Hence time & cost saving.

3. Availability of wide variety of talent pool.

4. Adaptable to organization needs.

5. Candidate friendly environment.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps organizations to focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing the part or all of recruitment process from a third party service provider is being very popular among various organizations due to its benefits. It reduces the burden of recruitment process & helps organizations achieve the same results with fewer efforts, reduced cost & less time.

We help companies to address their most challenging & complex talent needs. As a RPO provider with deep expertise, world-class resources and a focus on innovation, we deliver value through all facets of recruiting from establishing the vision to execute the strategy and achieve the measurable results. Our role is to manage the entire recruiting process from initial job profiling through to the on-boarding of new hires, including staff, technology, method, and reporting.

The RPO procedure we follow –

1. Recruitment forecasting.                                     7. Reference and background checking.
2. Advertisement.                                                      8. Offer management.
3. Application process.                                             9. Technology selection, configuration and management.
4. Candidate sourcing programs.                         10. Management reporting.
5. Scheduling & conducting interviews.               11. New starter on boarding.
6. Assessments.

These are the benefits when you outsource your Recruitment Process to JB Consultants –

1. Recruitment cost can be reduced up to optimum level.
Due to adaptation with Industry Specific needs & Standardization of process, we hire the best & appropriate talent with maximum resource utilization. This allows the companies to focus on their core competencies.

2. Reduced Infrastructure cost.
As activity is conducted out of company premises, therefore company resources are not involved. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure to undertake recruitment process.

3. Reduced time to hire talent.
We have experienced & skilled professionals who take care to minimize the hiring time.

4. Scalability & Flexibility.
We follow the model which supports to scale up or down according to recruitment demands. This model also allows re-organizing the recruitment activity as per time & availability of resources.


Payroll outsourcing Services

A Payroll service is a service that will, for a fee, handle all of payroll related functions independently, freeing up the business owner's time for more important matters. Once an account is established, the employer simply provides the payroll service with a list of all employees, the hours they worked, and any variances. This data is then processed and the funds are transferred from the employer's bank to the payroll service's account. Employees are paid either by standard check or direct deposit. The employer is then provided with payroll and tax reports.

Most of the payroll firms focus on basic gross-to-net calculation and pay slip printing, but we provide the most flexible and fully managed services available. We utilize dedicated teams to deliver our clients’ payroll in the timescales that match the business needs. Processing may include calculating payroll from attendance or commission plans. We can deliver pay slips online or via email and prepare the Bank upload file for making payments to employees.

Generally, we provide standard and bespoke payroll reports in any format for all appropriate parties, giving clients the opportunity to validate data at any step to ensure complete accuracy. We can even create the payroll journal entries to make life simpler for client's finance team. We also take care of clients’ statutory compliances for TDS, PF, PT, ESIC and Labour Welfare Funds.

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Resume Writing

A resume is a document that tells prospective employers exactly what you want them to know about you and why you would be a good fit for their need. It should advertise your skills in an easy-to-read, logical and concise manner.
There are three types of resume –

    • 1. Chronological Resume : This kind of resume emphasizes on your work history. Typically, jobs are listed in the reverse order, most recent listed first. Employers like these kind of resumes due to convenience in finding the positions held & duration.
    • 2. Functional Resume : It focuses on your experience & skills rather than work history. These resume type is helpful for those who are looking to switch their career or who have gaps in their employment.
    • 3. Combination Resume : This type is a combination of your skills & employment history. Skills & Experience are listed prior to work history.

We have many experts in resume writing who will guide you to prepare resumes, in a tailored manner. These experts study your profile from every possible perspective & help you in a better way with proper analysis. We have been catering to many candidates for resume writing since it is one of the best things we like to do. Our expert resume consultants make sure about the need & nature of the position to be applied. Many of our members using this service have found their career is kick started in a great way.

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Employee Background Check

A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling commercial, criminal and financial records of an individual or an organization. Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires high security or a position of trust. These checks are often used by employers as a means of objectively evaluating a job candidate's qualifications, character, fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.We have been one of the service providers for Employee Background Check. We administer these kinds of checks for few of our clients. We do verification for identity & address, education, past employment, credit history and criminal history. During the process of verification, we investigate on applicant’s given details to ensure that his/her claims are not false.

These are the Benefits.

1. Employee background checks keep an employer in compliance with government rules regulations for employment.
2. Background checks insure safety & security to an employer.
3. Quality Background Checks lead to reduced employee turnover rate.
4. Hiring of right & verified candidate is possible.

These are the major steps involved in Employee Background Check.

1. Identity & address details are verified by demanding original copies of photo identity proofs.
2. Education details are investigated based on the educational documents. Sometimes, we do contact the employee’s schooling organization to confirm the implications made.
3. Past employers are contacted to investigate about employee’s skills, position held, tenure of employment & other details like salary offered, achievements etc.
4. Criminal & Commercial history is also verified to make sure that the individual being hired is not a potential risk for a new employer.


DBM - Database Management

DBM for Recruitment refers to maintaining the employers’ & employees’ database for future usage. The information is accumulated in accordance with their(employees') previous employment, skills & experience, demography and few more parameters to serve the employer in a better way.

Many organizations use our insights to make better informed business decisions. Most research assignments are custom designed to suit the client specific needs. Through rigorous design and carefully executed research programs, we provide critical evidence-based advice on strategic and tactical opportunities. We have adapted best tools & techniques to maintain the valuable data for organization. Our DBM experts always make sure to provide required facts at few clicks.

Benefits of our DMB service –

1) Huge database can work as a base for many important decisions.
2) Analytics helps to figure out potential risks.
3) Helpful for assigning the responsibilities to individuals.
4) Organization can serve to its employees in a batter manner.
6) Well equipped support center.